about us


Down Under Knives is a fresh company born from over a decade of full-time experience in the knife industry. Our founders have been making and selling knives, working with metal and leather, and evaluating hundreds of designs for both business and pleasure for the better part of their lives. The company was built around a shared passion to create the ultimate Bowie - the knife we all felt should have been made ages ago, yet somehow never quite materialized so far.

The first result of our development and shared vision is The Outback™
- a design that's both fresh and possibly familiar to many knife enthusiasts. We patterned the blade and general appearance after a few shining examples where form seemed to meet function in the way we always felt it should. We hope you find it as pleasing to the eye as it is functional in the bush.

We are gearing up for full scale production, but you can already order yours from the first batch from our early bird distributors. We feel confident in predicting you will see this one carried by many others once the word gets out there, and we are already working on ideas for our next models. Watch this space for sneak previews, sketches and prototypes in the near future.

At Down Under Knives, we believe in our products. That's why they are backed by a no-fuss five-year warranty against all defects in materials and craftsmanship. We hope to bring you the same affordable quality demonstrated in The Outback™ in many future designs.